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    • Bargaining by Children 

      Liday, Steven G.; Harbaugh, William; Krause, Kate (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-07-20)
      We study the development of bargaining behavior in children age seven through 18, using ultimatum and dictator games. We find that bargaining behavior changes substantially with age and that most of this change appears to ...
    • Prospect Theory in Choice and Pricing Tasks 

      Harbaugh, William; Krause, Kate; Vesterlund, Lise (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-07-20)
      The most distinctive prediction of prospect theory is the fourfold pattern (FFP) of risk attitudes. People are said to be (1) risk-seeking over low-probability gains, (2) risk-averse over low-probability losses, (3) ...