Climate Master Research Results

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Title: Climate Master Research Results
Author: Climate Leadership Initiative; Mazze, Sarah, 1977-; Doppelt, Bob; Stockard, Jean; Shaddrick, Abbie
Abstract: In a 2007 pilot in Eugene, Oregon, the University of Oregon’s Climate Leadership Initiative trained 50 community members who conducted 600 hours of volunteer outreach reaching 1250 people through a program we developed called the Climate Master program. A portion of those outreach hours consisted of performing household “climate consultations” in 85 homes. Results from a pre- and post-survey of the most active program participants showed an increase in energy efficient purchases and energy saving behaviors, use of alternative transportation, purchase of local foods, volunteering with organizations involved with climate change and talking to others about climate change, along with a decrease in purchase of disposable goods and meat eating. Through these actions and others, participants reduced their personal greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 4,317 pounds, or approximately two tons. According to self-reports in interviews and program evaluations, the actions also led to an increased sense of wellbeing, empowerment and good health for participants, with some saying the program changed their life. The pool of survey respondents included both those who participated in the 30-hour Climate Master training course and those who received household consultations from Climate Masters. Forty-two people responded to both the pretest and posttest regarding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate-related behavior, while 135 people participated in the program at the level of survey respondents. Another 1100 were reached through outreach efforts by Climate Masters like tabling, public speaking and distributing compact florescent lightbulbs, the impact of which were not measured.
Description: 9 p.
Date: 2008-05-07

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