Icy/Toast decision notice and finding of no significant impact

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Title: Icy/Toast decision notice and finding of no significant impact
Author: Crescent Ranger District (Or.)
Abstract: Announces the decision to implement the proposed action, with a modification to add 6 acres of aspen enhancement. Includes prescribed underburning of 533 acres, salvaging of 407 acres of dead and down lodgepole pine, commercial thinning of 41 acres of ponderosa and lodgepole pine, precommercial thinning of 308 acres, tractor mowing of 36 acres, closing 11 miles of roads, and seed tree cutting/enhancing of about 10 acres of aspen. Also includes the development of a long term monitoring plan for prescribed underburning and tractor mowing treatments within pumice grape fern (Botrychium pumicola) study plots, and monitoring of aspen rejuvenation projects.
Description: 4 pp. T.23S. R.11E., T.24S. R.11E., T.25S. R.9E., T.26S., R.9E. Captured May 24, 2007.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/7079
Date: 1998-07-06

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