B&B Fire recovery project final environmental impact statement

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Title: B&B Fire recovery project final environmental impact statement
Author: Sisters Ranger District (Or.)
Abstract: Proposes to harvest fire-killed and damaged trees, reduce fuels, plant trees, remove trees that are hazardous to public safety, and reduce unneeded roads. Includes salvage harvest, fuels reduction and reforestation on approximately 6823 acres, yielding about 29.7 MMBF by both ground-based and helicopter yarding.
Description: 1188 pp. Tables, maps, figures, glossary, references, appendices, illus. 10 South 8 East 35 & 36 10 South 9 East 31-35 11 South 8 East 1,2,11-16,21-28,33-36 11 South 9 East 2-11,14-22,28-32 12 South 8 East 1-4,9-16,21-29,32-36 12 South 9 East 5,6,7,18,19,30,31 13 South 8 East 2,3. Captured May 24, 2007.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/7101
Date: 2005-06-30

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