Deschutes National Forest: A late successional reserve overview

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Title: Deschutes National Forest: A late successional reserve overview
Author: Deschutes National Forest (Agency : U.S.)
Abstract: Provides information to: 1) discuss the importance of LSRs for maintaining ecosystem and species viability, 2) discuss the vegetative composition and structural instability of each LSR, 3) discuss whether or not each LSR needs to be sustained to provide habitat for all LSOG-related species or whether each LSR provides unique habitats and can be managed for different species, 4) identifies the roles of Congressionally Reserved Areas, Administratively Withdrawn Areas, and Matrix in maintaining late successional and old growth habitats, and 5) evaluates whether or not Matrix lands are important for connectivity and dispersal habitat.
Description: 52 pp. Maps, figures, appendices, references. Captured May 15, 2007.
Date: 1995-09-01

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