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    • Clackamas County : North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District 2004 master plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District; MIG, Inc.; Barney & Worth, Inc. (Clackamas County (Or.), 2004)
      The vision for North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District is: A well-functioning and well-maintained park system that enhances the quality of life by offering a diversity of recreational opportunities for people of all ...
    • Clackamas County : Action plan for a sustainable Clackamas County 

      Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2008-11-13)
      [The] plan framework includes seven goals for 2050 with associated actions and tasks for the next three to five years. Subsequent to the Board's approval of the framework, County staff will develop an initial prioritization ...
    • Clackamas County : Comprehensive plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2005-08-16)
      The overall goals of the Plan are: Balance public and private interests and adopt a coordinated set of goals and policies to guide future development in Clackamas County; identify the most appropriate land uses for ...
    • Clackamas County : Development code 

      Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2005-10-13)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Clackamas County : Economic development plan (2009) 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Mengelberg, Renate (Clackamas County (Or.), 2009-04-02)
      This Economic Development Plan is the guiding policy document for Clackamas County for the next five to ten years. It contains a longer term vision that will guide the County, its cities, unincorporated areas, and business, ...
    • Clackamas County : Economic landscape 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Michael Gallis & Associates; Clackamas County (Or.). Business and Economic Development Services; Clackamas County (Or.). Information Services GIS Division; FCS Group; Real Urban Geographics; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2007)
      Given that nearly two-thirds of Clackamas County's land area is in public ownership ... the County must depend on a limited land base to support private sector employment growth. [From the document]
    • Clackamas County : McLoughlin Corridor land use and transportation study (1999) 

      Clackamas County (Or.); W&H Pacific; DKS Associates; Hobson Johnson; Pacific Rim Resources, Inc.; Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (Clackamas County (Or.), 1999-06)
      This final report presents the Preferred Alternative as developed by the Project Management Team (PMT). The Preferred Alternative includes two main sections: The Street Design and Circulation Plan - includes recommended ...
    • Clackamas County : Natural hazard mitigation plan 

      Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (Program); RARE; Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup; Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County Emergency Management (Clackamas County (Or.), 2002-09)
      The Clackamas County Natural Hazards Mitigation Action Plan includes resources and information to assist county residents, public and private sector organizations, and others interested in participating in planning for ...
    • Clackamas County : Oak Grove Community transportation and growth management plan (1995) 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.). Dept. of Transportation and Development (Clackamas County (Or.), 1995-06-30)
      The Oak Grove Community Plan was initiated to provide a strategy for redevelopment in the community, integrating transportation and land use more effectively. Although Oak Grove is planned for a range of densities, the ...
    • Clackamas County : Pedestrian master plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.). Dept. of Transportation and Development (Clackamas County (Or.), 1996-04-18)
      The purpose of this plan is to focus on promoting walking for transportation purposes in Clackamas County. As the county seeks to reduce the number of automobile trips to reduce traffic congestion and associated problems, ...
    • Clackamas County : Recommended Fuller Road Station Area plan 

      DKS Associates; Urbsworks; David Evans and Associates; Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2007-06)
      The vision for the Fuller Road Station Area Plan is that within 20 years (by 2029), the Fuller Road light rail station area will be a vibrant mix of housing, offices and local services with excellent pedestrian connectivity ...
    • Clackamas County : Rosewood neighborhood plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Rosewood Community Planning Organization and Neighborhood Association (Clackamas County (Or.), 2005-09-30)
      The City of Lake Oswego is responsible for planning and eventually providing services within the entire unincorporated Rosewood neighborhood area. The City, County and neighborhood anticipate that this will occur through ...
    • Clackamas County : Strategic plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.). Economic Development Commission (Clackamas County (Or.), 2003)
      This document describes an overall strategy for economic development in Clackamas County. It updates the 1997 Economic Development Plan by incorporating input from the Economic Development Commission and a wide variety ...
    • Clackamas County : Strategic plan for community and economic development : The villages at Mt. Hood, Oregon (Hoodland) 

      Rural Development Initiatives, Inc.; Clackamas County (Or.) (Mount Hood Area Chamber of Commerce, 2003)
      The aim of this project was to bring the community together to discuss a shared vision for the future of The Villages at Mt. Hood, and to articulate the resulting ideas into a series of goals and strategic projects for the ...
    • Clackamas County : Sunrise Project, 1-205 to Rock Creek Junction supplemental draft environmental impact statement and section 4(f) evaluation 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (Clackamas County (Or.), 2008-10)
      The purpose of the proposed Sunrise Project is to effectively address the existing congestion and safety problems in the OR 212/224 corridor between its interchange with I-205 and Rock Creek Junction, and to serve the ...
    • Clackamas County : Tri-City water pollution control plant site master plan 

      CH2M Hill, inc.; West Linn (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.); GreenWorks PC; Miller/Hull Partnership; Gladstone (Or.); Tri-City Service District (Clackamas County, Or.); Oregon City (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2002-08)
      [T]his plan: cost effectively provides wastewater services to the Tri-City Service District ratepayers; incorporates numerous community benefits such as providing recreational and meeting areas that are related to ...
    • Clackamas County : Wildfire protection plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2005-10-13)
      The Wildfire Planning Executive Committee (WFPEC) began meeting in June of 2004 to facilitate the development of the CCWPP [Clackamas County Wilfire Protection Plan].... The WFPEC has developed the mission statement and ...
    • Clackamas County communication use lease environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact 

      Baxter, Amanda J.; Eyak Technology; United States. Bureau of Land Management. Salem District (2006-01)
      Clackamas County has applied to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for a Communications Use Lease to construct and operate a telecommunications facility on BLM-administered lands in an effort to greatly improve county ...
    • Clackamas County consolidated plan 

      Clackamas County (Or.); Clackamas County (Or.). Dept. of Community Development (Clackamas County (Or.), 2003-05-01)
      This Consolidated Plan has been prepared to comprehensively bring together planning efforts for Clackamas County’s housing and community development programs. The Consolidated Plan attempts to coordinate planning and ...
    • Clackamas County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-01-27) 

      Clackamas County (Clackamas County, 2006-01-27)