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  • Independence (Or.) (City of Independence (Or.), 2001-12-13)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Independence (Or.); Parametrix, Inc. (City of Independence (Or.), 2007-06)
    The Independence Transportation System Plan (TSP) establishes the City’s goals, policies and action strategies for developing and improving the transportation system within the Independence Urban Growth Boundary. The ...
  • Independence (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments (City of Independence (Or.), 1998-07-14)
    This document describes and implements a plan to provide an economical, efficient, safe, accessible, and multimodal transportation system for the community of Independence, Oregon. The Transportation System Plan ...
  • Independence (Or.) (City of Independence (Or.), 2001-09-25)
    The purpose of this Renewal Plan is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Renewal Area, to implement goals and objectives of the City of Independence Comprehensive Plan, and to implement development strategies ...
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2006-05-12)
    The City of Independence has approved an application to annex approximately 60.5 acres, the Independence State Airport into the city limits. Upon annexation, the three parcels were designated Airport Development District.
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2006-12-14)
    Legislative amendments to the City of Independence Development Code to update the Flood Plain Overlay Zone (Sub Chapter 51). The proposed changes would 1.) adopt and reference the revised Flood Insurance Study report and ...
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2007-06-20)
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2009-11-03)
    The City of Independence has received an application to annex approximately 20 acres, the existing City of Monmouth well fields. The applicant is also requesiing a Comp Plan Map Amendment from Low Density Residential to ...
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2011-11-18)
    Amended the Comprehensive Plan Map designation from Industrial to Commercial and changed zoning from Light Industrial (IL) to Mixed Use Pedestrian Friendly Commercial (MUPC) on a, 3.16 acre parcel within the city of Independence.
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2011-11-23)
    Comprehensive Plan map amendment from Medium Density Residential to Commercial. Zone maD amendment from Medium Density Residential to Mixed Use Pedestrian Friendly Commercial, The property is an existing non-conforming use ...
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2012-01-10)
  • Independence (Or.) (Independence, 2012-02-06)
    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment from Residential to Commercial. Zone Map amendment from Medium Density Residential (RM) to Mixed Use Pedestrian Friendly Commercial (MUPC) for Lot 704 and 1200 of Map 8.4.29AA. Assessor map ...
  • Independence (Or.) (City of Independence, 2013-01-28)
  • Independence (Or.) (City of Independence, 2014-02-25)
  • Independence (Or.) (2016-04-29)
  • Monmouth (Or.); Independence (Or.); Transportation and Growth Management Program (Or.); Alta Planning and Design; Adolfson Associates; Kittelson & Associates (City of Monmouth (Or.), 2005-04)
    The vision for the Ash Creek Trail Master Plan is two-fold: (1) to create open space and restoration opportunities and create a trail that (2) offers all community residents and visitors a non-motorized travel alternative ...

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