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    • Aging and Disability Resource Connection: Market Testing with Focus Groups 

      West, Amanda; Steiner, Bethany; Patricolo, Francesca; Parcell, Serena (2012-04-18)
      An Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) serves as a highly visible and trusted place where people, specifically older adults of any income level, adults (aged 18 and older) with disabilities, and their families, ...
    • City of Sisters Parks Master Plan 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Parker, Robert; West, Amanda; Stevenson, Patty; Parcell, Serena; Patricolo, Francesca (University of Oregon, 2011-08)
      The Sisters Parks Master Plan is intended to guide development of the municipal parks system for the period between 2011 and 2030. This Plan is an update to the 2000 Sisters Oregon Parks Master Plan. It identifies ...
    • Homelessness in the Willamette National Forest: A Qualitative Research Project 

      Bottorff, Heather; Campi, Tarah; Parcell, Serena; Sbragia, Susannah (Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management, University of Oregon, 2012-06)
      An increase in the perceived numbers of homeless campers outstaying the 14-day limit on camping in Oregon's Willamette National Forest has led the U.S. Forest Service to consider its role in what is traditionally considered ...