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    • Oak Habitat Mapping and Monitoring in the Southern Eugene Ridgeline 

      Bigalke, Brittany; Kimmy, Ertel; Liston, Matthew; Park, Alex; Russell, Alexandria; Silva, Matt (University of Oregon, 2011-03-16)
      The prevention of fire regimes, in combination with increasing urbanization, has led to a drastic decline in woodland oak habitats over the past 150 years in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, less than 2% of pre-European ...
    • The Obligation for Patriotism: Why Congress Passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution 

      Schwindt, Karen Elise (University of Oregon, 2009)
    • Occupational and Gendered Differences Between Firefighter/Paramedics and Emergency Room Nurses 

      Bryant, Wesley
      Emotional Labor is the active management of emotion derived from a specific social expectation. Paramedics, Firefighters, and emergency room Registered Nurses are a few examples of our high-stress medical service workers ...
    • Odor Concentration Change Sensing 

      Munoz, Antonio (2017)
      Mice rely on their sense of smell for spatial navigation in their environment. Navigation with regards to smell relies on using odor concentrations to home in on an odor source of interest. Olfactory neuron populations ...
    • Odor-Guided Navigation Strategies in Mice 

      Cramer, Jennifer (2017)
      Our sensory systems allow us to navigate dynamic environments. For example, the olfactory system plays a key role in foraging behavior, such as the localization of an odor source. We will study sensory navigation in the ...
    • OIMB Trail and Vegetation Guide 

      Wunderlich, Rebecca (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, 1991)
      This two-sided map shows the OIMB (Oregon Institute of Marine Biology) trails on one side and both sides contain illustrations, text and tips on how to identify the vegetation found on the OIMB campus. This trail guide ...
    • Optimization of DNA Extraction from Dried Blood Spot Samples For Use In a Telomere Length Assay 

      Compton, Devan S.; Eick, Geeta; Liebert, Melissa A.; Kowal, Paul; Snodgrass, J. Josh; Sterner, Kirstin N. (University of Oregon, 2015)
      In collaboration with colleagues at the World Health Organization (WHO), we are conducting a longitudinal study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE). The SAGE project seeks to investigate patterns and determinants of ...
    • Oregon's wheelmen : Oregon bicycle culture and advocacy during the golden age of the wheel (1885-1900) 

      Kurushima, David (University of Oregon, 2006-01)
      Bicycle culture and bicycle advocacy, as a social and environmental movement, are considerably dynamic forces in Oregon today; yet, to the astonishment of many Oregonians, the history of bicycling and bicycle culture in ...
    • Oregon’s Bottle Bill: A Battle between Conservation and Convenience 

      Bacon, Richard (University of Oregon, 2005)
      In 1971, the Oregon legislature, reflecting the state’s growing environmental consciousness, passed the Minimum Deposit Act, more commonly known as the “Bottle Bill.” The bill sought to combat litter by eliminating the ...
    • Ovid Transformed : The Dynamics of Sexual Positioning in Titian's Poesie 

      Ehrenkranz, Lacey (University of Oregon, 2004)
      During the mid sixteenth century Titian completed six canvases for Philip II which represent themes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Commonly referred to as the poesie, the series is heralded as a tour de force for its portrayal ...
    • Perspectives in Honeybee Production: A Gozo Case Study 

      Jansen, Jacob
      The islet of Gozo, Malta is known for its rural landscapes and attractive tourist destinations. It’s also home to a variation of honeybees, maintained by the beekeepers of Gozo, and desired by farmers for the purpose ...
    • The Phylogenetic Utility of EPIC DNA Sequences in the Tribe Cecropieae 

      Beckman, Liam M. G.; Trieber, Erin L.; Weiblen, George D. (University of Oregon, 2015)
      Mutualisms, interactions between species that are beneficial to both partners, are useful systems for investigating how interactions may affect the evolution and diversification of lineages. Interactions between ants and ...
    • Pollinator Conservation Plan for the Berggren Demonstration Farm 

      Poplack, Aaron; Kopec, Kelsey; Johnson, Chelsea; Pacheco, Miguel; Daly, Keane; Cypel, Bret; Maxon, Meagan; Whitcomb, Amanda; Ward, Lauren (University of Oregon, 2012-06-10)
      The Sustainable Farms Team, as a part of the University of Oregon’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), created this Pollinator Conservation Plan to provide the Berggren Demonstration Farm with a comprehensive guide ...
    • Pozzo’s Perspective: Visual Hagiography in the Church of St. Ignatius, Rome 

      Murphy, John Paul (University of Oregon, 2005)
      The Order of the Society Jesus was among the foremost creators and commissioners of Counter-Reformation Baroque art. Founded in 1534 by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Jesuits came to be regarded as one of the most potent ...
    • Preference Reversals in Donation 

      Chuanchaiyakul, Tanainan
      Generally, people make decisions based on available information. We tend to think that our decisions are originally from our own deliberation. However, these decisions can be influenced by choices presented to us. A previous ...
    • Quantification of Synapse Number for Identification of Molecules Influencing Cholinergic Synapse Formation in Drosophila 

      Sweet, Serena; Ackerman, Sarah; Sales, Emily; Doe, Chris Q. (University of Oregon, 2017)
      Synapses are chemical junctions between neurons that allow signals to be transmitted from one neuron to another. Although disruptions to synapse structure and function contribute to symptoms of most neurological disorders, ...
    • Quantification of the human skin microbiota 

      Sarao, Maria; Bateman, Ashley
      The skin is a primary interface for human-microbe interaction. Many studies are concerned with determining what bacterial taxa inhabit the skin, rather than the absolute quantities of bacteria inhabiting environmentally ...
    • The Reading Railroad 1892-1893: Combination to Collapse 

      Brunk, David (University of Oregon, 2015)
      When the Reading Railroad combined with two other railroad companies in 1892, it controlled more than half of New York City’s market for anthracite coal. Twelve months later, the company collapsed. This paper tracks the ...
    • Reforming the Sexual Menace: Early 1900s Eugenic Sterilization in Oregon 

      Eccleston, Jenette (University of Oregon, 2007)
    • Reinventing Ed's Coed 

      Rosman, John; Rutledge, Eric (University of Oregon, 2008)
      "Re-creation" of Ed's Coed, piecing together the old film and the stills from Special Collections against the current backdrop of campus. Executive producer: Jon Palfreman. Narrated by Al Stavitsky.