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    • Data Management Plan Poster 

      Sharp, Sean; Westra, Brian (2012-03-28)
      This item is a poster used at the 2012 Regional Educause Conference. It was a poster-session presentation on the University of Oregon's Data Management Plan consulting process.
    • Data-Driven School Improvement 

      ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management; Johnson, James H., 1955- (Eugene, OR : ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management, College of Education, University of Oregon, 1997-01)
    • Decision making 

      Slovic, Paul; Lichtenstein, Sarah; Fischhoff, Baruch (Wiley, 1988)
    • Decision Making in Hazard and Resource Management 

      Kunreuther, Howard; Slovic, Paul (1986)
    • Decision Making in Wildlife Management 

      Riley, Shawn J.; Gregory, Robin S. (John Hopkins University Press, 2012)
      Wildlife professionals can more effectively manage species and social-ecological systems by fully considering the role that humans play in every stage of the process. Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management provides the ...
    • Decision processes, rationality and adjustment to natural hazards 

      Slovic, Paul; Kunreuther, Howard; White, Gilbert F. (Earthscan Publications, 1974-01)
      The distress and disruption caused by extreme natural events has stimulated considerable interest in understanding and improving the decision-making processes that determine a manager's adjustment to natural hazards. ...
    • Deconstructing adaptive management: Criteria for applications to environmental management 

      Gregory, R; Ohlson, D.; Arvai, J. (Ecological Society of America, 2006)
      The concept of adaptive management has, for many ecologists, become a foundation of effective environmental management for initiatives characterized by high levels of ecological uncertainty. Yet problems associated with ...
    • Demonstration House Project for: St. Vincent De Paul Society 

      Brown, G. Z.; University of Oregon. Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon, 1992)
    • Department of Land Conservation and Development technical assistance and outreach needs assessment 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Steckler, Becky; Jun, Byoung-Wook; Ganapathy, Ram; Issa, Brian; Lapin, Amy; Parker, Robert (Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development, 2002-06)
    • Dependent Care Survey 

      Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; Oregon. Dept. of Administrative Services (1998-05)
    • Deschutes County Community and Family Survey 

      Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; University of Oregon. Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (2002-02)

      Bernhard, Sarah; Brown, G. Z.; Briscoe, John; Kline, Jeff; Kumar, Pawan; Wang, Zhunqin; Rasmussen, Donald; Rasmussen, Kenneth; Stanard, James (Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon, 1996)
      The objective of our investigations was to develop innovations that would enable modular builders to improve the energy performance of their classrooms without increasing their first cost. The Modem Building Systems' classroom ...
    • Deteriorating School Facilities and Student Learning 

      ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management; Frazier, Linda M. (Eugene, OR : ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management, College of Education, University of Oregon, 1993-05)
    • Detonella papillicornis 

      Rudy, Paul Jr.; Rudy, Lynn Hay; Shanks, Alan; Butler, Barb (2013-03-13)
    • Developing Instructional Leaders 

      ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management; Lashway, Larry (Eugene, OR : ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management, College of Education, University of Oregon, 2002-07)
    • Developing Responsive Indicators of Indigenous Community Health 

      Donatuto, Jamie; Campbell, Larry; Gregory, Robin (MDPI, 2016-09-09)
      How health is defined and assessed is a priority concern for Indigenous peoples due to considerable health risks faced from environmental impacts to homelands, and because what is “at risk” is often determined without ...
    • Diadumene lineata 

      Rudy, Paul Jr.; Rudy, Lynn Hay; Shanks, Alan; Butler, Barb (2013-03-11)
    • Dimensional commensurability and cue utilization in comparative judgment 

      Slovic, Paul; MacPhillamy, Douglas (Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 1974)
      Subjects compared pairs of students with respect to potential college GPA. Both students had scores on one common dimension (e.g., Englist skills) and a unique dimension (e.g., Quantitative Aptitude for Student A and Need ...
    • Discounting in Multicausal Attribution: The Principle of Minimal Causation 

      Fischhoff, Baruch; Shaklee, Harriet (Decision Research, 1977)
      A series of three experiments investigated the effect of information about one possible cause of an event on inferences regarding another possible cause. Experiment 1 showed that the presence of a second possible cause ...
    • Discrimination, vulnerability, and justice in the face of risk 

      Satterfield, Theresa; Mertz, C. K.; Slovic, Paul (2004)
      Recent research finds that perceived risk is closely associated with race and gender. In surveys of the American public a subset of white males stand out for their uniformly low perceptions of environmental health risks, ...