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    • Modeling the societal impact of fatal accidents 

      Slovic, Paul; Lichtenstein, Sarah; Fischhoff, Baruch (1984)
    • National Risk Perception Survey 

      Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; Decision Research, Inc. (Oregon Survey Research Laboratory, University of Oregon, 1998-10)
    • ODOT Studies/Teen Driver Licensing Program Survey 

      Oregon Survey Research Laboratory; Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (2005-03)
    • Rating the risks 

      Slovic, Paul; Fischhoff, Baruch; Lichtenstein, Sarah (Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 1979)
      The management and regulation of high-risk technologies need to be based on an understanding of the ways in which people think about risk. Without such understanding, well-intended laws and policies may be ineffective, or ...