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    • An Integrated Environment for Intelligent Energy Design 

      Brambley, Michael R.; Quadrel, Richard W.; Stratton, Rex C.; Brown, G. Z.; Meacham, Matt; Miller, Peter; Pohl, Jens G.; La Porta, John; Snyder, James; Selkowitz, Steven E.; Papamichael, Konstantinos; Bailey, Mark L. (Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon, 1992)
      The design of energy-efficient buildings can be aided by intelligent computer tools that can evaluate design solutions and make recommendations for improving the buildings' energy performance. Such tools can be very ...
    • A Sunlight Design Tool 

      Brown, G. Z.; Wood, D. J.; Brown, A. G. P. (Center for Housing Innovation, University of Oregon, 1989)
      Computer-based techniques for Environmental design tend to be analytical. They are aimed at the Engineer who takes a previously designed building and then analyses the environmental performance of the building so as to ...