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    • Development & Implementation of a Summer School Program 

      Clark, LaKisha (2009)
      A summer school program for freshman and sophomores who may be at-risk for non graduating on time. This summer school program will be focus on credit accrual in mathematics, science and English.
    • High School: Increasing Participation in Extracurricular Activities 

      Anderson, Jay (2011-03-15)
      Goal: Teachers give students the freedom to create extra credit assignments within current courses, which relate to the extracurricular activities in which each student participates.
    • Improving College Readiness for All Students 

      Ryan, Amanda R. (2011-03-14)
      Goal: To increase the number of graduates of X High School successfully matriculating in a 4 year college.
    • Student Voice For Student Change 

      Davis, Whitney (2011)
      GOAL: To promote cultural competency by enhancing and expanding the role that the Student Advisory Group (SAG) plays within the District’s decision making process. This will be achieved by creating recommendations centered ...