The tragedie of Antonie. (Ponsonby, 1595)

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Title: The tragedie of Antonie. (Ponsonby, 1595)
Author: Pembroke, Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of, 1561-1621; Garnier, Robert, 1544-1590.
Description: 50 p. Based on that of the Huntington Library (59871) copy of the 1595 edition (STC 11623). Transcription by R.S. Bear, University of Oregon Library, July 1998. Long "s" has been modernized. Catchwords have been eliminated. Pagination and signature notation are retained in comment tags in the source code. Typographical errors have been emended within square brackets. This edition may not work properly with browsers that cannot handle tables.
Date: 1998-07

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