Astrophel and Stella

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Title: Astrophel and Stella
Author: Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586; Grosart, Alexander Balloch, 1827-1899
Description: 61 p. Prepared from Alexander B. Grosart's The Complete Poems of Sir Philip Sidney [1877] by R.S. Bear at the University of Oregon. Grosart's text is in the public domain. In some instances Gerald Bullett's reading has been preferred. See Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century, Everyman, 1947. See also Syr P. S. His Astrophel and Stella [1591], STC number 22538, for a number of changes restoring the Elizabethan grammar and punctuation. It was deemed not worth while to simply reproduce the 1591 edition, as it contains too many errors and omissions to represent Sidney's work adequately.
Date: 1995-12

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