Coos Bay FY 2009 sale of special forest products categorical exclusion review

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Title: Coos Bay FY 2009 sale of special forest products categorical exclusion review
Author: United States. Bureau of Land Management. Coos Bay District
Abstract: Announces no further analysis is required on project. Under the Special Forest Products Program, contracts, including permits and tags, would be offered and administered for harvesting a variety of special forest products. Contracts may include Form 5450-5 for the sale of vegetative material up to a value of $2499.00 and Form 5450-1 for the sale of vegetative material over $2500.00, Christmas tree tags, and free use permits. Products to be harvested include, but are not limited to; firewood, posts and poles, chips, cedar wood products, transplant stock (tree seedlings, shrubs, and herbaceous plants), cut sticks, moss, beargrass, boughs and Christmas trees, other floral greenery, cones, burls, bark, roots, pitch, and fungi. Except for wood products, the items listed in this Categorical Exclusion review will be harvested manually. Wood products will involve the use of mechanical equipment such as chainsaws, tracked log skidder, cable yarding equipment, helicopter, loader and log trucks. Heavy equipment would be cleaned in accordance with the District Noxious Weed Policy. All Research Natural Areas, developed recreation sites, and special status fauna and flora sites will be excluded from harvest.
Description: 4 pp. Various locations throughout the Coos Bay District. Captured January 15, 2009.
Date: 2008-10-10

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