The Lady of May

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Title: The Lady of May
Author: Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586
Description: 21 p. This Stony Run Press edition was transcribed, with an introduction, notes, and bibliography, by Richard Bear, University of Oregon, January 1992. Converted to HTML, June 1996. This etext edition of The Lady of May derives from the British Museum copy (Catalogue # C.39.h.8) of the 1605 edition of The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, pps. 570-576. Long "s" has been modernized, and catchwords and marginalia have been removed. Sixteenth century usage of "i" for "j" and of "u" and "v" has been retained, along with the original spelling. A few errors have been emended within brackets. Many italics, such as those used for proper names, have been omitted. Endnotes are indicated within braces. The editor gratefully acknowledges helpful suggestions on the Introduction from Dr. Lyell Asher.
Date: 1996-06

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