Griz thin decision memo

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Title: Griz thin decision memo
Author: Siuslaw National Forest (Agency : U.S.)
Abstract: Announces decision to enhance the development of late successional habitat and improve habitat diversity by: 1. Commercially thinning about 66 acres of stand 507089; 2. Creating stand diversity by applying a mixture of thinning regimes in the stand and under planting about 43 acres; 3. Increasing structural diversity by falling and leaving about 330 trees as coarse wood and creating about 396 snags in the stand; 4. Creating a 3/4 acre meadow at the end of the existing temporary road; and 5. Adding about 50 pieces of large wood by hand to the largest stream adjacent to the unit.
Description: 5 pp. References. Township 16 South, Range 10 West, Sections 6 and 7. Captured March 16, 2009.
Date: 2008-09-19

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