Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Recent Submissions

  • University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Coates, Sarah; Peterson, Matt; Ojerio, Ryan; Rogan, Tracy; Gipson, Joy; Neff, Ray; Sparks, Andrea; Johnson, Bethany; Parker, Bob (City of Eugene (Or.), January , 2008)
  • Tempe (Ariz.). Planning Dept. (Tempe, Arizona, Planning Dept., September 17, 1974)
  • Pedestrian Transportation Program (Portland, Or.) (Pedestrian Transportation Program, June , 1998)
  • Planning Center (Firm); Maricopa Association of Governments (Maricopa Association of Governments, September 24, 1999)
  • Fischer & Associates; Yellowstone County Planning Board (Mont.); BikeNet (Fischer & Associates, December 15, 1994)
  • Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Dept. (City of Vancouver, Engineering Dept., July , 1988)
  • Anderson, Roy; Blank, Nancy; Santa Rosa (Calif.). Planning Dept. (City of Santa Rosa Planning Dept., June , 1972)
  • Rockville (Md.); A/E Group; Bicycle Federation of America (City of Rockville, December 13, 1996)
  • Wolfe, Victor D.; Oregon. State Highway Division. Location Section; Columbia Region Association of Governments (March , 1973)
  • Ochia, Krys Chukwuma; Smith, Jeff; Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation (June , 1990)
  • Wolfe, Victor D.; Oregon. State Highway Division (August , 1973)
  • Metro (Or.). Transportation Dept. (Metro Transportation Dept., August , 1995)
  • Oregon. State Highway Division; Oregon. Road Design Section. Bicycle Program; Oregon Bicycle Advisory Committee (Oregon. State Highway Division, May , 1988)
  • Oregon. State Highway Division; Oregon Bicycle Advisory Committee (Highway Division, Oregon Dept. of Transportation, December , 1984)
  • Trowbridge & Wolf Landscape Architects; Stantec Consulting; Bicycle Federation of America; Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (Trowbridge & Wolf Landscape Architects Planners, December 6, 1999)
  • North Carolina. Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation; University of North Carolina (System). Highway Safety Research Center (North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation, November , 1996)
  • Richards, Eugene S.; Edwards and Kelcey, inc.; Niagara Frontier Transportation Committee (N.Y.) (Niagara Frontier Transportation Committee, March , 1981)
  • New Jersey. Dept. of Transportation (New Jersey DOT, June , 1995)
  • North Dakota. Parks and Recreation Dept.; North Dakota. Dept. of Transportation; DS-Lea Consultants; Marr Consulting & Communications (North Dakota Parks & Recreation Dept. ; North Dakota Dept. of Transportation, August , 1994)
  • New Hampshire. Bureau of Transportation Planning; United States. Federal Highway Administration (NH Department of Transportation, May , 2000)

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