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Recent Submissions

  • University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Coates, Sarah; Peterson, Matt; Ojerio, Ryan; Rogan, Tracy; Gipson, Joy; Neff, Ray; Sparks, Andrea; Johnson, Bethany; Parker, Bob; City of Eugene Transportation Planning Team; Transportation Planning Team (Eugene, Or.) (Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium, June , 2008)
  • Zegeer, Charles V.; North Carolina. Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation, February , 1997)
  • Wilkinson, W. C. (William C.); United States. Federal Highway Administration. Office of Safety and Traffic Operations Research and Development; Center for Applied Research; Bicycle Federation of America (U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety and Traffic Operations Research and Development, January , 1994)
  • Seattle (Wash.). Engineering Dept. Traffic and Transportation Division; Washington Traffic Safety Commission; United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Beck, Joseph R. (Seattle Engineering Dept., August , 1975)
  • Iowa. Dept. of Transportation. Office of Systems Planning; Iowa. Dept. of Transportation; United States. Federal Highway Administration (Iowa Dept. of Transportation, January , 1995)