Measuring the Internet AS graph and its evolution

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Title: Measuring the Internet AS graph and its evolution
Author: Boothe, Peter Mattison, 1978-
Abstract: As the Internet has evolved over time, the interconnection patterns of the members of this "network of networks" have changed. Can we characterize those changes? Have those changes been good or bad? What does "good" mean in this context? Has market power been centralizing or decentralizing? How certain can we be of our answer? What are the limitations of our data? These are the questions which motivate this dissertation. In this dissertation, we answer these questions and more by carefully taking a long-term quantitative study of the evolution of the topology of the Internet's AS graph. In order to do this study, we spend most of the dissertation developing methods of data processing and data analysis all informed by ideas from networking, data mining, graph theory, and statistics. The contributions are both theoretical and practical. The theoretical contributions include an in-depth analysis of the complexity of AS graph measurement as well as of the difficulty of reconstructing the AS graph from available data. The practical contributions include the design of graph metrics to capture properties of interest, usable approximation algorithms for several AS graph analysis methods, and an analysis of the evolution of the AS graph over time. It is our hope that these methods may prove useful in other domains, and that the conclusions about the evolution of the Internet topology prove useful for Internet operators, network researchers, policy makers, and others.
Description: xiv, 183 p. : ill. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.
Date: 2009-09

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