Green Cities: Sustainable Development in Springwater

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Title: Green Cities: Sustainable Development in Springwater
Author: Cunha-Rigby, Matthew; Young, Robert F.
Abstract: The Green Cities Project focuses on providing the City of Gresham with a set of policy and plan recommendations for the Springwater Community. Springwater, a 1272-acre site on the southeast edge of the Portland Metro Area, was added to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in 2002 and was the subject of the 2005 Springwater Community Plan. The Community Plan outlined a series of goals and land-use proposals for the area’s future development, intending to bring economic development to east Multnomah County, to provide family-wage jobs and employment opportunity for the area, and to promote a livable, sustainable environment for future residents. The work of Green Cities provides an alternate land-use proposal and development policy for the Springwater Community. This proposal aims to meet the goals of the 2005 Springwater Community Plan, while utilizing ecosystem services and sustainable development strategies to create a livable community. The Green Cities proposal approached development in Springwater by organizing research into five project teams, focusing on the site’s Energy, Mobility, Sustenance, and Waste needs, while incorporating the site’s Natural Flows into plan and policy development.
Description: 74 p.
Date: 2009

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