Canby Community Center Market Assessment & Feasibility Analysis

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Title: Canby Community Center Market Assessment & Feasibility Analysis
Author: University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Parker, Bob; Sande, Jeremy; Belanger, Kevin; MacFarland, Kate
Abstract: Canby has invested considerable effort in working to best meet the parks and recreational needs of the Canby community. This is reflected in a range of planning efforts—including the Canby Parks Master Plan—which articulates a vision for parks and recreation in the community. There is growing public interest in having a community center and sports field complex. Several groups have an interest in the delivery of these services in the community including: the City of Canby, the Canby School District, the YMCA, the Canby Area Park and Recreation District (CAPRD), and Canby Kids. These organizations represent key stakeholder groups of the community center and provided consider guidance throughout this study. As proposed, the Community Center will be a 50,000 square foot multi‐purpose facility. The cost of developing the Community Center is estimated at approximately $13.8 million to $16.3 million. The Community Center would be capable of supporting a diverse range of athletic pursuits including swimming, basketball, volleyball, aerobics, weight and strength training, and many others. The facility will also have multi‐use rooms, lockers, and showers. In addition to athletics, the proposed facility will be able to support cultural events, conferences and meetings. Recognizing the need for detailed market information, the City of Canby contracted the University of Oregon’s Community Planning Workshop (CPW) to conduct a market analysis and preliminary feasibility assessment for the proposed Community Center and sports fields. This report presents the results of CPW’s analysis and conclusions with respect to the feasibility of the proposed community center.
Description: xv, 122 pp. Maps, tables, figures, appendices.
Date: 2010-07

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