Recent Submissions

  • Sponsorship-Linked Marketing: The Role of Articulation in Memory 

    Cornwell, T. Bettina; Humphreys, Michael S.; Maguire, Angela M.; Weeks, Clinton S.; Tellegen, Cassandra L. (Journal of Consumer Research, Inc., 2006-12)
    Corporate sponsorship of events contributes significantly to marketing aims, including brand awareness as measured by recall and recognition of sponsor-event pairings. Unfortunately, resultant advantages accrue ...
  • Alternative Thinking about Starting Points of Obesity: Development of Child Taste Preferences 

    Cornwell, T. Bettina; McAlister, Anna R. (Elsevier, 2011-01)
    Food marketers are at the epicenter of criticism for the unfolding obesity epidemic as societies consider banning advertising to children and taxing “junk” foods. While marketing’s role in obesity is not well understood, ...