Sponsorship-Linked Marketing: The Role of Articulation in Memory

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Title: Sponsorship-Linked Marketing: The Role of Articulation in Memory
Author: Cornwell, T. Bettina; Humphreys, Michael S.; Maguire, Angela M.; Weeks, Clinton S.; Tellegen, Cassandra L.
Abstract: Corporate sponsorship of events contributes significantly to marketing aims, including brand awareness as measured by recall and recognition of sponsor-event pairings. Unfortunately, resultant advantages accrue disproportionately to brands having a natural or congruent fit with the available sponsorship properties. In three cued-recall experiments, the effect of articulation of sponsorship fit on memory for sponsor-event pairings is examined. While congruent sponsors have a natural memory advantage, results demonstrate that memory improvements via articulation are possible for incongruent sponsor-event pairings. These improvements are, however, affected by the presence of competitor brands and the way in which memory is accessed.
Description: 10 p.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/10976
Date: 2006-12

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