Narratives and reality for tree planting in Southern Malawi

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Title: Narratives and reality for tree planting in Southern Malawi
Author: Mason, Thomas E., 1971-
Abstract: This thesis examines the roots of deforestation in Malawi and how it has been problematized and turned into an accepted discourse of an impending crisis. I argue that deforestation in Malawi has been prioritized in order to suit the needs of Malawi's powerful elite and does not reflect the real and urgent problems of Malawi's small farmers. Deforestation has been explained by narratives which suggest that the farmers are to blame either because they have over-consumed fuelwood without replanting or have cut too many trees for expanding agriculture. These narratives not only mask the ultimate cause of deforestation, which is unequal access to land, but also deflect attention from more immediate problems. In recent surveys, however, Malawi's farmers have been clear about their priorities. Deforestation is a concern, but poverty and lack of food security are their chief problems.
Description: ix, 48 p. : maps. A print copy of this thesis is available through the UO Libraries. Search the library catalog for the location and call number.
Date: 2010-12

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