Towards Inquiry Based Education

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Title: Towards Inquiry Based Education
Author: Carter, Vernon Anthony, 1985-
Abstract: While John Dewey's work on the philosophy of education provides a robust descriptive account of educational experience, it does not provide anything like a critical system for the analysis of particular educational curricula. This lack has led to a common confusion with regard to the nature of an inquiry based education: inquiry too often becomes the content, rather than the method, of education. In this thesis, I will show how Dewey's analysis of educational experience can provide grounds for a critical apparatus that might be applied to any curriculum, though especially those founded upon the process of inquiry. This critical approach will be applied to an example case, the "ice hands" activity from Douglass Llewellyn's <italic>Inquire Within,</italic> demonstrating the gap that often exists between the process of inquiry as a description of the process of learning and the process of inquiry as the content of a lesson plan.
Description: x, 95 p. : ill.
Date: 2011-06

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