LEAP: Salem Local Energy Assurance Plan

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Title: LEAP: Salem Local Energy Assurance Plan
Author: Lewis, Terry; Parker, Robert; Kato, Ken; Bruce, Josh; Phillips, Madeline; Garcia, Nicolas
Abstract: The City of Salem relies on a range of energy sources to support and protect local residents, businesses, and government facilities. Accordingly, secure supplies of energy (e.g., electricity, gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, propane) to critical facilities/infrastructure, especially during emergency events, is of crucial importance to all segments of the community. An energy assurance plan is essentially a plan for how the City will recover and restore energy services to critical functions and facilities/infrastructure within a predetermined time after a partial or complete energy supply interruption. The Plan identifies critical facilities and critical infrastructure needing back-up power generation capacity to ensure continued operation during emergency events. The Plan establishes short-term communication protocols, actions and priorities by which critical facilities/infrastructure will be re‐energized after a disruption, as well as long-term strategies for making critical facilities and critical infrastructure less vulnerable to disruptions of mainline energy sources.
Description: 122 pages
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/12201
Date: 2012-05-09

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