Personalized Requirements Elicitation Using a Domain Model

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Title: Personalized Requirements Elicitation Using a Domain Model
Author: Arab Yar Mohammadi, Mahshid
Abstract: My interest is in applying a domain model to help elicit personal requirements for the problem of community travel for people with cognitive impairments. The domain model I took advantage of is the ACT model, which is embedded in the tool I designed for defining required prompts for travel. I set up a study to look at the use of the domain model to help travel-planners generate personalized prompts for a traveler. My goal is to better understand the mechanisms of running a human-performance study and to get a first look at how the domain model can be understood by travel-planners. The study shows that most participants prefer the ACT-based tool to free-thinking and writing down prompts. I found out that the tool helps participants define more organized and concise prompts, but not necessarily a higher number of prompts, compared to the free-think approach. The tool captures prompts for some steps that are neglected while free-thinking. However, some steps of the ACT model need to be disambiguated or presented more effectively in the tool.
Date: 2012

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