Notes on Strategy

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Title: Notes on Strategy
Author: Fiorentino, Ryan
Abstract: The purpose of this report is to generate the capacity for dialogue around the tenants of design thinking and strategy, the perceived systemic underpinnings of productivity and economic fortitude. This report contends that in order for the US economy to generate productivity growth, by way of a virtuous cycle of job growth and value added, organizations and individuals as well as the public sector must begin thinking through design. This report questions what it takes for organizations to make breakthrough productivity transformations that spark novel developments in customer value. Fieldwork was conducted on a variety of levels in effort to further the understanding of the way design strategy can take form at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. Primary insights were generated through an organizational ethnography of COMMON, a collaborative community and brand committed to accelerating social and economic innovation. Ultimately, a systemic framework is established that suggests strategic cultural alignment at an organizational level links individual wholeness to economic growth.
Date: 2012-10-25

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