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    • Albany : Development code 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2005-07)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Albany : FY 2006 through 2010 capital improvement program (2005) 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2005-04-27)
      The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a planning document that identifies capital projects 10 the next 5-year horizon for elected officials, citizens, and staff. The first year of the CIP will be the basis for ...
    • Albany : Housing needs analysis (2007) 

      Albany (Or.); Albany (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Albany (Or.), 2007-04-25)
      This Housing Needs Analysis serves as a background report to the Albany Comprehensive Plan. It evaluates past trends, predicts Albany’s future housing needs to 2025, and assesses Albany’s available residential land and ...
    • Albany : Interchange area management plan : Albany OTIA Lyon/Ellsworth (US-20/ORE-99E) interchange improvement project 

      Albany (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; David Evans and Associates (Oregon Dept. of Transportation, 2004-05-24)
      The interchange improvement project will consist of actions to modify and improve the existing partial diamond interchange into a partial single-point urban diamond interchange. The modifications include: improving traffic ...
    • Albany : Park and recreation master plan 

      Albany (Or.); MIG, Inc. (City of Albany (Or.), 2006-05)
      The Master Plan provides recommendations, guidelines, and a financing plan for renovating, acquiring, and developing City parks and facilties to meet community-wide recreation needs. The master planning process included ...
    • Albany : Strategic plan 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2005-03-23)
      If our mission and vision statements are to have any meaning, they must be accompanied by deliberate planning efforts to move the organization and the community toward a desired future. This requires clearly defined ...
    • Albany : Timber Linn master plan 

      Albany (Or.); MIG, Inc. (City of Albany (Or.), 2006-03)
      Park. The Timber Linn Park Master Plan addresses neighborhood, community, and citywide needs for a variety of recreation facilities and experiences. It incorporates many different types of recreation opportunities into ...
    • Albany : Transportation system plan 

      Albany (Or.); Kimley-Horn and Associates (City of Albany (Or.), 1997-08-13)
      This TSP addresses the lands within the jurisdiction of the City of Albany and Urban Growth Boundary, and is intended to be consistent with the Linn and Benton County TSPs and adopted elements of the state TSP. Based on ...
    • Albany : Update of economic opportunity analysis (2007) 

      Albany (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Winterbrook Planning (Firm) (City of Albany (Or.), 2007-09-16)
      This memorandum presents an update to Albany’s EOA. It includes the following sections: recent economic activity in Albany describes the employment trends, business activity, and potential growth industries in the City ...
    • Albany : Willamette Basin TMDL implementation plan (2008) 

      Albany (Or.) (City of Albany (Or.), 2008-05-30)
      Albany is required to comply with NPDES permits for discharge of wastewater and some stormwater discharges, and must develop strategies to reduce TMDL pollutants associated with these permitted discharges. The City ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-12-01) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2006-12-01)
      1) Change the Comprehensive Plan Map designation of 12.1 acres of land from URR (Urban Residential Reserve) to General Commercial. 2) Change the Zoning Map designation of the same 12.1 acres from RS-6.5 (Residential Single ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-04-14) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2008-04-14)
      On April 9 2008, the City Council adopted an ordinance amending the Economic Development chapter of the Albany Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) to incorporate information from the recently updated Economic Opportunities ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-01-06) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2009-01-06)
      The Albany Development Code Historic Overlay Ordinance, Article 7, was amended to expand the Monteith National Register District boundaries include 78 resources. A new map was approved, Figure 7-1.
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-11-23) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2009-11-23)
      In order to comply with ORS 195.110, on November 18, 2009, the City Council adopted an ordinance amending the Albany Comprehensive Plan to add as supporting documents the Facilities Plan of the Greater Albany Public School ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-02-08) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2010-02-08)
      1. Increasing notice areas for land use applications. (Article 1) 2. Providing more guidelines for neighborhood meetings. (Article 1) 3. Provide a limited extension to land use approvals approved between specific time ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-08-16) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2010-08-16)
      Amend the City of Albany zoning map to change the zoning designation of 0.77 acres from OP (Office Professional to RM (Residential Medium Density). RM zoning is deemed "compatible" with Comprehensive Plan Map so a concurrent ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2010-09-17) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2010-09-17)
      Legislative amendments to the following: (1) Comprehensive Plan (CP-01-10) Plate 5: 100-Year Floodplain - Replace with new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain layers Chapter 2 - Special Areas - Flood ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2011-05-16) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2011-05-16)
      Change the Comprehensive Plan Map designation of 4.26 acres of land from Medium Density Residential, MDR, to Light Industrial, LI. Change the Zoning of the same 4.2 6 acres of land from Residential Medium Density, RMf to ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2012-02-15) 

      Albany (Or.) (Albany, 2012-02-15)
      Albany Development Code amendment to Article 6-Floodplain to allow for the use of best available information (floodplain studies and boundaries) if adopted by the City Council by resolution. FEMA approval is no longer ...
    • Albany Notice of Adopted Amendment (2013-02-28) 

      City of Albany (City of Albany, 2013-02-28)