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  • North Bend (Or.) (City of North Bend (Or.), 2003-06)
    The City of North Bend Comprehensive Plan is a policy document to guide land use and related activities. It sets forth the intent of the City in matters of public concern. The Plan allocates land uses for the necessary ...
  • North Bend (Or.) (City of North Bend (Or.), 2005-11-08)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • North Bend (Or.); DKS Associates (City of North Bend (Or.), 2004-02)
    This Transportation System Plan (TSP) has been developed for the City of North Bend. The purpose of this TSP is to bring the City of North Bend into compliance with the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule. The plan is ...
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2006-03-31)
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2006-06-29)
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2006-08-21)
    Remove water-dependent designation from @72 acres of site, redesignate lagoon area as conservation, and remove Exception #3 of the CBEMP, and apply conservation shoreline designation on a 50-foot edge buffer.
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2006-09-27)
    Change existing City and Estuary Management Plan designations and City zoning from industrial water-dependent land to allow commercial/mixed use water-dependent and non-water-dependent uses on site, excepting a 50-foot ...
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2007-02-15)
    Text amendment to Coos Bay Estuary Management Plan Segment 52NA and a new Exception #28 to allow filling and construction of a seawall to expand the taxiwav of SW OR Regional Airport to meet FAA requirements. The amendment ...
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2007-04-12)
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2007-04-13)
    Zoning Code amendments to allow residential uses outright in all commercial zones on upper floors and in the rear 75% of single-story buildings.
  • North Bend (Or.) (North Bend, 2009-09-10)
    Amended Chapter 18.48 Floodplain Zone F-P, Title 18 Zoning, North Bend Municipal Code and adoption of new DFIRM Maps dated 09/25/09,
  • North Bend (Or.) (City of North Bend, 2014-03-26)

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