Residential Academy


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The mission of the Residential Academy 2003-2005 was to create and perpetuate programs that enabled students to promote intellectual activity in the UO Residence Halls. The Residential Academy, funded in part by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, was a joint pilot project of Undergraduate Studies, University Housing, and the Robert D. Clark Honors College. The Director of the Residential Academy collaborated with administrators, faculty, staff, and students, in a network that included the UO Humanities Center, the UO Library System, and other offices, departments, and schools of the University of Oregon, as well as resources in the community. Residential Academy programs included the Community Conversations series, the Walton Advisory Board, the Hamilton Think Tank, Public Speaking, Musical Mondays, Theatrical Thursdays, and the THINK discussion group program. The pilot project led to the creation of a permanent half-time position in UO Housing for a faculty member who works with students, faculty, and staff to stimulate thought in the UO residence halls.

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