Recent Submissions

  • It Starts with Gravity and Momentum 

    Campbell, Andrew Douglas (2017-06-28)
    Outlined here is a trajectory of research into the relationship between identity and narrative, with a particular focus on how that relationship subverts the boundary between mainstream and margin. Drawing on a Lacanian ...
  • Sound now, seek and you will find 

    Asahina, Lee (2017-06-22)
    My terminal project consists of paintings composed of flowers, hands, and scribbles along with various other shapes and marks that mine the personal, the cultural, and the historical. I make paintings in the spirit of ...
  • What I know now 

    Wallace, Meril (2017-06-22)
    Here is where I first learned to love. To love the place that I am from. To love the harshness of the landscape and hot afternoon winds that rush between canyon walls. Where did this love come from? From time. Time spent ...
  • To Cloak Empty Space 

    Hampton, Mandy (2017)
    To sculpt is to cloak empty space in material. Like a balloon containing air, my sculptures give shape to empty spaces, while simultaneously concealing them. The experience of making a sculpture is like hiking up a mountain; ...
  • I Carry You with Me: On Representation and the Bodily Event 

    Couch, Chelsea (2017)
    This paper explores the complexities of presenting an image of the body as well as a representation of the bodily event. Central to this inquiry is an examination of the subject/object relationship (the perception of self ...
  • infinite nowhere: on texts, trails, and speaking to place 

    Linn, Ronald (2017)
    I am of the practice of trying, often failing. My practice attempts to navigate the territories between dichotomies of text/image, image/object, meditation and direct experience, interior and exterior space. I am ...
  • $500 OBO 

    Joe, Moore (2017)
  • Nutritional Groove 

    Morgan, Mary (2017)
  • Edge Condition 

    Nachtigall, Stephen (2017-02-08)
    Lush green vegetation, cascading waterfalls and waving golden wheat 5ields; UV printed on vinyl adhesive, stuck to an electrical utility box, vending machine or underground subway advertisement. These cultural moments ...
  • Ise 

    Joshlin, Steven (2016)
    A few years ago I had a dream that I was riding a school bus. As it carried us across the countryside, we came upon an old bridge. As the bus went to cross, it went out of control and broke through the tenuous wooden ...
  • Talking Back 

    Mikenis, Sarah (2016)
    My work pretends to respond to the weight of the world like people do: forms bend, ostensibly pulled down by the weight of a tassel, canvas gets heavy and starts to sag, or objects buckle and fold, unable to stand upright ...
  • Esoteric Concussions 

    Widomski, Rachel (2016)
    Observation into daily life is foremost in Rachel Widomski’s practice. She seeks out and embraces the interruptions of time, by capturing and exhibiting often overlooked moments. Her work provides a suspension of experience, ...
  • Internal Structures 

    Heinitz, Krista (2016)
    The work in my thesis exhibition acts as an installation of multiple sculptural works that engage each other in conversation through repetition of specific formal and conceptual elements. The concept of repetition is ...
  • (Heart) <3 

    Lopez, Daniel P. (2016)
    The weirdest part about being done with this report is that I can’t just tell people “Sorry, I’m working on my thesis right now.” It’s good to have it completed, but now I worry that I won’t have any good excuses for being ...
  • Utopic Visions - Earthly Transmitters 

    Anya, Dikareva (2016)
    Utilizing a feedback loop process which involves wearables, print and video, I condition spaces for shifting assumptions about sense and nonsense, creating portals of play, transformation, and reinvention of identity. ...
  • Machine Based Artistic Production (MBAP) 

    Krajkowski, Alex (University of Oregon, 2015)
    My practice involves surrendering control to a variety of generative processes as a way to create an image. By exposing gelatin silver paper to obscure chemical processes, or using simple machines to create photomechanical ...
  • Daughters of the Western Trace 

    Vala, Jessie Rose (University of Oregon, 2015)
    My work involves ongoing research into historical and mythological narratives and ecological events that shape and change the world in unforeseeable ways. This unfolding exploration bleeds into my making, often in ...
  • What am I in this scenario? 

    Chen, Fei (University of Oregon, 2015)
    As a witness to the last two decades of China’s accelerating development and societal upheaval, I am specifically interested in the nation’s changes and social phenomena. I doubt myself to be a true Chinese person because ...
  • Late Diamonds 

    Siscoe, Brandon (University of Oregon, 2015)
    The work in my thesis exhibition exists as a sculpture of fragments. This work is a fluid definition of sculpture that understands itself not as a self-enclosed complete form, but as a flat ontology of object relationships ...

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