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  • Rainier (Or.) (Rainier, 2006-04-05)
    dinance 1028 approved 4-3-06 by the Rainier City Council ordained two Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment and Zone Mape designation applications by adjoining property owners Rod Richards, President of Washington Home Center ...
  • Rainier (Or.) (Rainier, 2007-04-19)
    An amendment reversing the industrial symbols Ml and M2 for consistency with Columbia County Zoning. An amendment to zoning code 6.6 that extends the discontinuance of a non-conforming use from 6 months to 18 months.
  • Rainier (Or.) (Rainier, 2010-11-19)
  • Rainier (Or.) (Rainier, 2010-11-22)
    An Ordinance Pertaining to Flood Damage Prevention in the City of Rainier. As mandated by FEMA and Oregon DLCD
  • Rainier (Or.) (City of Rainier, 2013-12-20)
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2006-10-25)
    Update of Article I/ Development Code "Zoning Regulations" Changes proposed to uses permitted in most zones Allows 2 new types of planned developments to offer creative development and infill opprotunities Allows accessory ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2006-11-06)
    Remove the Historic Safeway Store from the Historic Landmarks Inventory.
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2007-05-15)
    Amendments revise Comp Plan policies and Development code to limit access near North Redmond US 97 interchange; revises TSP to add local street connectivity plan, signal plan, and other street network projects. This was ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2007-06-15)
    To change the comprehensive plan map and zone designation on approximately 40 acres of land (Deschutes County Assessor's map tax lot#15-13-29D-1100) from M-1, Light industrial to C-5, Tourist Commerical. The property is ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2007-06-25)
    The City of Redmond has adopted an ordinance amending Chapter 8, Article V of the Redmond Development Code. The amendment revises and adds language related to the use, limitations, and enforcement of temporary banners ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2007-08-30)
    Adopt Northwest Area Plan (NAP) and US 97 Highway Area Plan (HAP) maps for about 780 acres in north Redmond. The City Council unanimously adopted the Plans and designate Comprehensive Plan map designations to implement the ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2008-05-22)
    Adopt the "Public Facility Plan (PFP)." The new master plans for Parks, Water and Wastewater are incorporated into the PFP by reference. The Master Plans and PFP show what facilities are needed to develop the acknowledged ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2008-05-30)
    Zone change for approximately 5.80 acres from UH-10 to R-4 for the purpose of building a 22,000 sqare foot church. The owner had concurrently applied for a partition, site design review and a conditional use permit based ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2008-06-17)
    Adopt the "Transporation System Plan(TSP) as a part of the "Public Facility Plan (PFP)." The new master plans for Parks, Water and Wastewater, and Transportation are incorporated into the PFP by reference. The Master Plans ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-05-27)
    Establishment of a Downtown Overlay District in the C2 Zone, that codifies development, design and signage standards for the downtown core area to increase the density and intensity of development, establish height bulk ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-05-27)
    An amendment to the Redmond Development Code, Article V - Sign Standards to address billboard sign standards within city limits. Proposed amendments would revise permitted locations, dimensions, and types of billboards.
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-06-05)
    The Code amendments would: (1) allow parks as an outright permitted use in all residential zones; (2) allow "parks,trails,reserve areas"; "plaza,amphitheater for outdoor events"; "recreational facilities"'and "commercial ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-06-05)
    An amendment to the Redmond Development Code to allow for a Mixed Use neeighborhood (MUN) Zone Classification. No specific properties have been identified to receive the MUN Zone designation at this time. Properties must ...
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-08-27)
    Plan Amendment and Zone Change from UH-10 (Urban Holding Zone) to PF (Public Facility) for the creation of a new High School for Redmond, Oregon
  • Redmond (Or.) (Redmond, 2009-10-21)
    Amends Redmond Development Code, Chapter 8, Article II - Land Use Procedures: adopt a new code section 8.1620 which prevents the expiration of existing City approved land use permits until July 31, 2011.

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