Beaverton : Comprehensive plan

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Title: Beaverton : Comprehensive plan
Author: Beaverton (Or.); Beaverton (Or.). Community Development Dept.
Abstract: The Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for the City of Beaverton. It provides a framework for the decision making process and is a means of directing community efforts towards sound future growth, better understanding between public and private efforts, and a more beautiful and livable community. The Plan seeks to capture the essence of the community's vision of its future, translating it into a form that will allow effective implementation. [From the Plan]
Description: 196, 104, 88, 4, 91 pp. Includes maps. This item consists of six files: Comprehensive plan, vol. 1, ch. 1-5; Comprehensive plan, vol. 1, ch. 6; Comprehensive plan, vol. 1, ch. 7-9 and appendixes; Comprehensive plan, vol. 2; Comprehensive plan, vol. 3; Comprehensive plan, vol. 5. Volume 4, Transportation System Plan, will be found in the "Transportation Plans" section. First adopted December 18, 1972; acknowledged by LCDC March 20, 1981; first periodic review acknowledged December 4, 1981; second periodic review begun 1995; last dated amendment in this version September 9, 2004. This version captured September 9, 2005. Some links in this item have been disabled.
Date: 2004

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Beaverton_Compplan_v5.pdf 18.09Mb PDF View/Open Vol. 5: Community plans
Beaverton_Compplan_v2.pdf 5.989Mb PDF View/Open Vol. 2: Background and supporting materials
Beaverton_Compplan_v1_part3.pdf 717.4Kb PDF View/Open Vol. 1: Comprehensive plan, part 3
Beaverton_Compplan_v1_part2.pdf 15.81Mb PDF View/Open Vol. 1: Comprehensive plan, part 2
Beaverton_Compplan_v1_part1.pdf 14.41Mb PDF View/Open Vol. 1: Comprehensive plan, part 1
Beaverton_Compplan_v3.pdf 8.732Mb PDF View/Open Vol. 3: Statewide planning Goal 5 inventories

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