Strategic plans report the results of a comprehensive long-range governmental planning process, and typically address major planning themes through vision statements, goals, and concrete action steps. Documents with such similar titles as "Economic and Community Development Plan" are included in this collection.

Recent Submissions

  • Community outreach for the City of Eugene Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan 

    University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Johnson, Bethany; Stocker-West, Amanda; Fukahori, Sayaka; Scotten, Heather; McCown, Tony; Brass, Tim, 1984-; Varela, Larisa Martina; Palmer, Katherine; Flormoe, Lorna; MacKendrick, Katie; Tosuntikool, Neil (City of Eugene (Or.), 2008-09)
  • Creswell : North of Oregon Avenue study site economic opportunities (2009) 

    ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Creswell (Or.) (City of Creswell (Or.), 2009-05-21)
    This memorandum is one in a series of documents informing the Concept Plan for development in the area North of Oregon Avenue in Creswell, a project financed by a Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) grant from the ...
  • Portland Development Commission strategic plan 2008-2012 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission (Portland Development Commission, 2008-02)
    This Plan is anchored by five Strategies that will guide our work and financial investments over the next five years. 1. Foster an open, inclusive, and accountable approach to economic development and prosperity in Portland ...
  • Portland : Research and recommendations in support of the Downtown Portland retail vision (2009) 

    Portland (Or.); Leland Consulting Group (Portland Development Commission, 2009-01)
    This Findings and Recommendations report takes the findings from the case studies and examines them side-by-side to extract the success factors that are present to varying degrees in each city. It then analyzes the extent ...
  • Hillsboro : Economic opportunities analysis and long-term urban land needs assessment (2009) 

    Hillsboro (Or.); Johnson Reid (City of Hillsboro (Or.), 2009-03-10)
    The City of Hillsboro, along with all other jurisdictions in Washington County, Oregon, is currently undertaking the State-mandated process of analyzing and planning 50-Year Urban and Rural Reserve designations for lands ...
  • Portland : Pearl District develpment plan (2001) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Traffic Management; Portland Parks and Recreation; Parametrix, Inc.; Winterbrook Planning (Firm); StastnyBrun Architects; Hobson Ferrarini Associates; David Evans and Associates (Portland Development Commission, 2001-10)
    The Development Plan has two elements: a vision statement and an action plan. The vision is a broad statement about the future of the neighborhood. The action plan includes supporting goals and objectives and identifies ...
  • Portland : Urban growth management functional plan compliance report (1999) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1999-02)
    This Compliance Report builds upon the Compliance Evaluation submitted to Metro in August 1998. It describes Portland's "compliance" with requirements and recommendations made in Metro's Urban Growth Management ...
  • Gresham : Council work plan (2009) 

    Gresham (Or.) (City of Gresham (Or.), 2009-01-06)
    [The] 2009 Council Work Plan... transparently explains the work the City of Gresham expects to conduct on behalf of our citizens this year.... This document represents a substantial undertaking for 2009. The projects ...
  • Portland : downtown retail summary of findings and recommendations (2008) 

    Portland (Or.); Leland Consulting Group (Portland Development Commission, 2008-03)
    This summary describes findings and recommendations from the 2008 Portland Downtown Retail Study. The summary is one of four reports submitted to Portland Development Commission as part of the engagement. The supporting ...
  • Portland : Downtown retail strategy (2009) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission (Portland Development Commission, 2009)
    The following strategy addresses the present challenges of the economic downturn, positions downtown as a world-class destination, and capitalizes on the significant policy and infrastructure investment made by Portland’s ...
  • Portland : Evaluation of hotel market conditions and impact analysis of a convention hotel (2001) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Portland Oregon Visitor’s Association; Oregon Convention Center; Economics Research Associates (City of Portland (Or.), 2001-01-11)
    The planned Oregon Convention Center expansion will add approximately 100,000 to 150,000 room nights over the course of the next decade. With continued economic growth and OCC expansion, hotel occupancy rates will climb ...
  • Portland : Oregon Convention Center Headquarters Hotel implementation strategy (2003) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission (Portland Development Commission, 2003-08)
    The following goals reflect agreement among project stakeholders about the desired outcomes from a HQ Hotel, serve to guide staff recommendations and may be used through the development process to assess project ...
  • Portland : Lents Town Center urban renewal project economic development strategy (2001) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission (Portland Development Commission, 2001-02-14)
    The research and analysis undertaken and described in this Strategy is the basis for the conclusions and recommendations being made herein to address employment opportunities, wage levels, workforce development and ...
  • Tigard : Community profile (2006) 

    Tigard (Or.) (City of Tigard (Or.), 2006-07)
    The Tigard Community Profile is an ongoing long-range planning project to compile various statistics about the City of Tigard. With the increase of information available today, particularly through the Internet, accessing ...
  • Eugene : Commercial lands study (1992) 

    Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept. (City of Eugene (Or.), 1992-10)
    Community objectives developed during the course of the Commercial Lands Study describe a vision of the City in which: downtown continues to serve as a major employment center for office-based commercial, government, ...
  • City of Newberg economic opportunity analysis (2006) 

    Newberg (Or.) (City of Newberg (Or.), 2006-01-03)
    Given Newberg’s relatively close proximity to the Portland area’s employment centers, it is possible that the percentage of Newberg residents commuting outside of the community for work is higher that Yamhill County as a ...
  • Beaverton : Where are we going? (2005) 

    Beaverton (Or.); Toulan, Nohad A.; Martin, Sheila A. (City of Beaverton (Or.), 2005-06-02)
    What should Beaverton want? Vision: transportation; housing; education; employment; identity. Why Beaverton? Role in the Region [From the document]
  • Veneta : Strategic plan (2006) 

    Veneta (Or.); Rural Development Initiatives, Inc. (City of Veneta (Or.), 2006-06)
    The strategic plan update builds upon the work done by the Fern Ridge Community Response Team and the foundation laid by the strategic plan completed in 1996. [From the Plan]
  • Cottage Grove : 2037 vision and action plan (2008) 

    Cottage Grove (Or.); Barney & Worth, Inc. (City of Cottage Grove (Or.), 2008-05)
    The action plan focuses on four main areas: Expanding and Integrating Community Networks, Enhancing Urban Places and Spaces, Investing in a Diverse and Sustainable Economy, and Preserving and Promoting Environmental ...
  • Cottage Grove : Economic opportunities analysis (2009) 

    Cottage Grove (Or.); Winterbrook Planning (Firm); ECO Northwest, Ltd. (City of Cottage Grove (Or.), 2009-03-21)
    Our research, and insights from the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), identified several distinct comparative advantages that are likely to attract a wide range of potential employment to Cottage Grove. [From the document]

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