Comprehensive plans (county)


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A comprehensive plan is a document stating the general, long-range policies that will govern a local community's future development. These plans are required of each city and county by Oregon legislation. They must include wide citizen participation, address 19 statewide planning goals, be officially adopted by the jurisdiction, receive approval by the Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development, and be reviewed periodically. See ORS 197.015(5).

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Recent Submissions

  • Harney County (Or.); Harney County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Harney County (Or.), 2009)
  • Lincoln County (Or.) (Lincoln County (Or.), 2009)
  • Marion County (Or.); Marion County (Or.). Planning Division (Marion County (Or.), May 13, 1981)
  • Polk County (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments (Polk County (Or.), June , 1974)
  • Wallowa County (Or.); Stevens, Thompson & Runyan (Wallowa County (Or.), May , 1973)