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  • Metro (Metro, 2010-09-24)
    The City of Portland has requested that the Metro Council amend the Title 4 (Industrial and Other Employment Areas) map to allow uses not currently permissible. Title 4 of the Urban Growth Management Functional plan seeks ...
  • Metro (Metro, 2008-02-06)
  • Metro (Metro, 2008-12-05)
    The adopted amendment add 1.54 acres to the UGB in order to make the UGB coterminous with property lines.
  • Metro (Metro, 2008-10-10)
    A minor adjustment of the UGB to site two public facility lines to provide sanitary sewer and water to the Metro Parks & Greenspaces owned Graham Oaks Nature Park.
  • Metro (Metro, 2008-05-27)
    The addition of 0.6 acres to the UGB makes the UGB coterminous with the property line for 20303 S Highway 213 in Oregon City
  • Metro (Metro, 2007-02-16)
    Deletion of the requirements for local governments to consider and adopt selected land use strategies in their comprehensive plans and implementing ordinances. Ensuring that local government plans include policies and ...
  • Metro (Metro, 2007-04-02)
    A minor amendment to the UGB where the UGB is intended to be coterminous with the 100-year floodplain based on a recent delineation of the floodplain by a profrssional engineer registered by the State of Oregon.
  • Metro (Metro, 2007-03-08)
    Title 4 of Metro's Urban Growth Management Functional Plan prescribes limitations on certain uses in industrial and employment areas ana references a map which depicts boundaries for regulatory purposes. Ordinance No. ...
  • Metro (Metro, 2007-05-23)
    A minor adjustment to the UGB to make the UGB coterminous with a built structure. The previous UGB line ran trhough a house. Adoption of this amendment allows the existing house to be wholly on the parcel that remains rural ...
  • Metro (Metro, 2006-03-20)
  • Metro (Metro, 2006-02-28)
    Titie 11 of Metro's Urban Growth Management Functional Plan establishes temporary limitations on land divisions in territory newly added to the UGB. This ordinance authorizes counties to allow creation of parcels smaller ...

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