Show simple item record[Government Agency(s)]en_US
dc.coverage.spatialFIPS Code: 06045en_US
dc.coverage.spatialMendocino Countyen_US
dc.coverage.spatialFire Zone: HUN-06en_US
dc.coverage.spatialBuffer Zone: BAC-08en_US
dc.coverage.spatialBuffer Zone: IRN-08en_US
dc.coverage.spatialBuffer Zone: KIN-06en_US
dc.coverage.spatialBuffer Zone: LAZ-07en_US
dc.relationThis report is a data component of: Understanding the Roles of Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Adaptive Capacity, and Mitigation in Determining Economic Impacts of Wildfire,
dc.relationAgriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Grant 2011-67023-30695en_US
dc.rightsPublic Domainen_US
dc.titleMendocino County Community Wildfire Protection Planen_US

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