Recent Submissions

  • Membership Matters: How Members Change and Continuity Affect Small Group Structure, Process, and Performance 

    Arrow, Holly; McGrath, Joseph E. (SAGE Publications, 1993-08-03)
    A framework for integrating diverse aspects of membership dynamics is outlined, and 10 propositions about membership change and its impact on group structure, process, and performance are presented. Data from a longitudinal ...
  • A Tripartite Model of Group Identification: Theory and Measurement 

    Henry, Kelly Bouas; Arrow, Holly; Carini, Barbara (SAGE Publications, 1999-10-05)
    Group identification is defined as member identification with an interacting group and is distinguished conceptually from social identity, cohesion, and common fate. Group identification is proposed to have three sources: ...
  • Reengineering Gender: Relations in Modern Militaries: An Evolutionary Perspective 

    Hannagan, Rebecca J.; Arrow, Holly (Taylor and Francis Group, 2011)
    This article presents an evolutionary framework for understanding the sexual assault of women in the military. We specify the evolutionary underpinnings of tensions among heterosexual males, among heterosexual females, and ...
  • Stability, Bistability, and Instability in Small Group Influence Patterns 

    Arrow, Holly (American Psychological Association, 1997)
    Three models of change and continuity in group structure are tested using existing longitudinal data on 20 small groups. Groups met face to face or via a computer-mediated communication system for 13 weeks. Computer-mediated ...
  • "Social Poker": A Laboratory test of Predictions form Club Theory 

    Crosson, Scott, 1970-; Orbell, John; Arrow, Holly (SAGE Publications, 2004)
    The theory of clubs addresses the gap between purely private and purely public goods, being concerned with how groups (‘clubs’) form to provide themselves with goods that are available to their membership, but from which ...
  • Evolutionary Perspectives on Religion: An Overview and Synthesis 

    Smith, Zachary; Arrow, Holly (Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 2010)
    Religion is a cultural universal that has puzzled evolutionists since Darwin. The moral, social, emotional, and explanatory components that make up complex religious systems offer both evolutionary benefits and costs. ...
  • The Sharp End of Altruism 

    Arrow, Holly (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007-10-26)
    Simulations show that war drives the joint evolution of altruism and hostility to outsiders.
  • Relationships and the social brain: Integrating psychological and evolutionary perspectives 

    Sutcliffe, Alistair; Dunbar, Robin; Binder, Jens; Arrow, Holly (Wiley, 2012)
    Psychological studies of relationships tend to focus on specific types of close personal relationships (romantic, parent–offspring, friendship) and examine characteristics of both the individuals and the dyad. This paper ...
  • Military Influence Tactics: Lessons Learned in Iraq and Afghanistan 

    Wolfe, Andrea L.; Arrow, Holly (American Psychological Association, 2013-09-09)
    When deployed U.S. soldiers attempt to influence the attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors of civilians, success can save lives and failure can be deadly. Survey data from 228 military personnel with deployment experience to ...
  • Ancestral War and the Evolutionary Origins of "Heroism" 

    Smirnov, Oleg; Arrow, Holly; Kennett, Douglas; Orbell, John (University of Chicago Press, 2007-11)
    Primatological and archeological evidence along with anthropological accounts of hunter-gatherer societies indicate that lethal between-group violence may have been sufficiently frequent during our ancestral past to have ...
  • The Effect of Feeling Stereotyped on Social Power and Inhibition 

    Cook, Jonathan E.; Arrow, Holly; Malle, Bertram F. (SAGE Publications, 2011)
    An experience sampling study examined the degree to which feeling stereotyped predicts feelings of low power and inhibition among stigmatized and nonstigmatized individuals. For 7 days, participants with a concealable (gay ...