Recent Submissions

  • 21st Century Skills and the "4Cs" in the English Language Classroom 

    Halverson, Andy (American English Institute, University of Oregon, 2018)
    For many language teachers around the world, the classrooms of today may look and feel very different to those that we remember from our own childhood. In teacher training workshops and professional development activities, ...
  • Handbook of Resources for English Camps 2017 

    Opp-Beckman, Leslie (American English Institute, University of Oregon, 2017)
    The purpose of this handbook is to provide English language teachers of students ages 10-15 with support for their summer camps.
  • Building English Language Skills for Scientific Writing 

    Halvorsen, Andy; Heitman, Char; Pashby, Patricia (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The following four modules are designed to help you improve your scientific writing skills in English. The modules cover a range of foundational skills such as sentence and paragraph structure as well as offer broader ...
  • Tell Your Story in English: Reading and Writing Skills for Language Learners 

    Sheppard, Beth; Heitman, Char; Tasker, Thomas (University of Oregon, 2017)
    In this packet you will find stories, vocabulary lessons, grammar lessons, and writing assignments. We suggest that you work on one unit at a time. First, read the example stories. If possible, talk about the stories ...