Towards a sustainable Oregon: barriers and policy recommendations

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Title: Towards a sustainable Oregon: barriers and policy recommendations
Abstract: State and local governments in Oregon can play a key role in helping Oregon firms and communities achieve the multiple economic, social and environmental benefits of sustainability identified in the economic reports. While this is not an inclusive list, the following actions can help achieve this end: 1. Set clear sustainability goals and targets, and gather the right data; 2. Establish state sustainability center; 3. Promote new sustainable technologies and industry; 4. Foster increased product-service combinations; 5. Encourage sustainability within financial services; 6. Foster the adoption of private sector sustainability practices; 7. Promote sustainability benchmarking; 8. Improve product quality; 9. Facilitate the introduction of sustainable products and services into the marketplace; 10. Develop zero emissions and waste programs and policies; 11. Assist small and mid-sized firms to adopt sustainability practices; 12. Expand green building and construction; 13. Spur the construction of sustainable industrial estates; 14. Develop "Economic Value-Chain" programs; 15. Promote the development of bioproducts (a “Carbohydrate-based Economy”); 16. Foster and support sustainable agriculture; and 17. Support sustainable rural development.
Description: 20 p.
Date: 2000-12-12

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