Briston, Heather


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The collection highlights some of the research and presentations of Heather Briston, Associate Professor and Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist at the University of Oregon.

Associate Librarian
Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist
Mail: Special Collections and University Archives, 1299 University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon 97403-1299
Phone: 541-346-1899

Current Research Interest:

The use of primary source materials in teaching and as a part of information literacy
Legal issues and their effect on archives and research
Collective memory and the role of archives

Recent Submissions

  • Briston, Heather; Estlund, Karen (Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft / Austrian Computer Society, 2010)
  • Estlund, Karen; Briston, Heather (Springer, 2010)
  • Briston, Heather (University of Oregon Libraries, August , 2004)