Bryn Mawr College Library Survey

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Title: Bryn Mawr College Library Survey
Author: Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
Abstract: Will library patrons be receptive to an online catalog? In a study at Bryn Mawr College Library, users' perceptions of the existing card catalog and their attitudes towards computers were investigated in an attempt to discover the difficulties facing library planners in designing and implementing an online catalog. Results show that users are content with the current card catalog and hesitate changing to a new system. 56% would prefer to keep the card catalog rather than switch to a computerized catalog containing identical information. When the pie is sweetened by indicating that more information and greater convenience could result from an OPAC, only 17% still prefer a card catalog. Studies of use of the public OCLC terminal in Bryn Mawr's main library indicate that confusion and timidity prevent many from utilizing the facility. Greater effort at educating users is needed in order to overcome their resistance to online catalogs.
Description: 47 p. Paper produced for a class in statistics at Drexel University, August 22, 1984.
Date: 1984-08-22

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