Restoration Stewardship Project


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The Restoration Stewardship Project was developed by the Education Leadership Program at the University of Oregon. It was created in response to a growing need for a monitoring program to evaluate restoration sites within the Upper Willamette Valley. In 2004-2005 the project involved developing and implementing a monitoring program to serve the needs of several local landowners and two public parks. In addition, the project will provide valuable information to future riparian restoration participants on how to best nurture their trees to a free-to-grow status. Now, in its second year a six-member team will be leading this endeavor. They will be gathering and analyzing second year data as well as preparing new sites for integration into the monitoring program. The team includes project manager Chris Massingill and five undergraduate students: Bess Ballantine, Adam Fleenor, Hilary Lewis, Emily Mulford & Sky Skach.

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Recent Submissions

  • University of Oregon. Environmental Leadership Program (University of Oregon, Environmental Leadership Program, 2006)
  • Miller, Jerica; Parker, Jess; Skelton, Kate; Dietz, Rudy (University of Oregon, Environmental Leadership Program, July 22, 2005)