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  • Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.); Gerhardt, Rick; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Kronner, Karen (Harney County (Or.), 2008-09-24)
    This draft plan identifies and describes wildlife, habitat, rare plant, and other field investigations associated with the East Ridge Wind Energy Project (Project) located in southeast Oregon. These studies were requested ...
  • West Ridge Wind, LLC; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Gerhardt, Rick; Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.) (Harney County (Or.), 2008-11-26)
    This report identifies and describes wildlife, habitat, rare plant, and other field investigations that were completed as of October 20, 2008 or are ongoing for the West Ridge Wind Energy Project (Project) located in ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Walsh Environmental Scientists and Engineers; Barker, Jerry R.; Glenn, Angela (Harney County (Or.), 2005-12-23)
    The CWPP allows a community to evaluate its current situation with regards to wildfire risk and devise ways to reduce risk for protection of human welfare and other important economic or ecological values. The CWPP may ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Morgan, Ryan & Associates; Harney County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Harney County (Or.), 1984-10-10)
    "The Harney County Comprehensive a generalized long-range policy guide and decision-making tool, which will affect economic, social and physical development of Harney County. It represents a public statement ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Harney County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Harney County (Or.), 2009)
    The purpose of the Harney County Comprehensive Plan is to provide general guidance on land use decisions in order to promote the greatest land use efficiency and equity. The preparation of this plan responded to a statewide ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Harney County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Harney County (Or.), 2002-08)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Harney County (Or.). Planning Dept. (Harney County (Or.), 2001-06)
    The Harney County Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This TSP constitutes the ...
  • Harney County (Or.); Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup (2008-04-14)
    The Harney County Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is intended to assist Harney County, the Harney Electric Cooperative, and the cities of Burns and Hines in reducing its risk from natural hazards. The ...
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2007-01-25)
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2007-01-29)
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2008-05-09)
    Harney County has amended its Zoning Ordinance to update it's time to make a final decision on a land use application.
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2008-12-22)
    Adopted new Comprehensive Plan text which adjusted the information regarding the coordinated area population forecasts for Harney County.
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2009-01-29)
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2009-11-27)
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2010-05-07)
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2011-02-24)
    Amend HCZO article 3.080 to establish clearer and more appropriate local review procedures (Decision Types) for uses listed under the Airport Vicinity Overlay Zone consistent with the underlying zoning district.
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2011-10-12)
    Adopted new significant aggregate resource nto the Comprehensive Plan Goal 5 inventory. Site IxSted u\ the local inventory as no conflicted uses identified. A Conditional Use Permit has been permitted for Kiger Ranch in ...
  • Harney County (Or.) (Harney County, 2013-11-08)

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