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  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2006-06-27)
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2006-11-15)
    Adoption of Spring Park Master Plan to City of Milwaukie Comprehensive Plan to guide future management and development of Spring Park.
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2006-12-12)
    Code amendments to remove content-based language from the Sign Code and make housekeeping and minor policy changes to Titles 12 (streets), 14 (signs), 17 (land division), and 19 (zoning) of the Milwaukie Municipal Code. ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2007-12-11)
    the adopted amendment. The Milwaukie City Council adopted the 2007 City of Milwaukie Transportation System Plan (TSP) as an ancillary document to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The 2007 TSP replaced the 1997 TSP. An ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2007-12-11)
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2008-01-25)
    the adopted amendment. The Milwaukie City Council adopted zoning code amendments (housekeeping amendments) in order to clarify specific subsections of Title 14 and Title 19 of the Code (see Attachment 1, Exhibit B). All ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2008-04-03)
    The amendment involved zoning for two parcels in the site of the Milwauke Riverfront Park. The zoning changes will allow the redevelopment of the park. In addition to the Plan Map and Zone Map changes listed below, the ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2008-06-05)
    The adopted amendments make the local flood hazard regulations codified in Milwaukie Municipal Code Title 18 (Flood Hazard Regulations) and Title 19 (Zoning Code) consistent with federal regulations. The adopted changes ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2008-09-05)
    Milwaukie City Council adopted an ordinance that annexed two properties into the City of Milwaukie that are located on SE Harmony Road between SE Lake Road and SE Railroad Avenue. Prior to annexation, both properties were ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2008-10-08)
    The adopted amendments modify the City's Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan Map #4 (Historic Resources), as well as the City's Historic Resources Property List (Appendix 1 to the Comprehensive Plan). The modifications remove ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2009-03-23)
    The adopted amendment restricts retail trade uses in mapped Title 4 Industrial Areas in the City's Manufacturing zone M. Individual retail trade uses are restricted to 5,000 sf, and multiple retail trade uses on the same ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2009-06-22)
    The City of Milwaukie amended the following sections of its Municipal Code: Chapter 19.1400 Public Facility Improvements; Chapter 19.400 Supplementary Development Regulations; Chapter 19.300 Use Zones; Chapter 19.100 ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2009-06-22)
    Does Housekeeping amendments to revise the titles and references to tables throughout Titles 14, 17, and 19. The content of the tables will not change. This is part of a project to republish the code to improve legibility ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2009-09-18)
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2010-02-18)
    Applies the Residential Zone R-7 zoning designation to the 0.69-acre site located at the NW comer of Bowman St and Brae St.
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2010-05-24)
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2011-03-21)
    The amendment package significantly modernizes and improves the effectiveness of Milwaukie's land use and development review regulations and procedures. It consolidates existing procedures into one location, improves their ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2011-06-29)
    The adopted amendment incorporated the 2010 Waste Water Master Plan (WWMP) as an ancillary document to the Milwaukie Comprehensive Plan and amended text within the Comprehensive Plan text realted to waste water.
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2011-08-22)
    The proposed amendments update the City's Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan to address Statewide Land Use Planning Goal 6 (Water Quality) and Goal 5 (Natural Resources) as well as Metro Functional Plan Titles 3 and ...
  • Milwaukie (Or.) (Milwaukie, 2011-11-18)
    Amendments of Milwaukie Sign Ordinance related to electronic display signs. Amendments would allow limited placement of electronic display signs downtown, limit size of electronic display signs in some commercial and ...

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