Union County : Community wildfire protection plan

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Title: Union County : Community wildfire protection plan
Author: Union County (Or.)
Abstract: [The goals of the Plan are:] 1. Improve emergency response through the protection of life, property and natural resources;... 2. Identify and reduce hazardous fuels in Wildland Urban Interface areas and coordinate risk reduction strategies across the landscape;... 3. Foster widespread and consistent support of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan;... 4. Use the community wildfire Use the community wildfire protection plan as a coordinated resource, tool and educational piece. [From the Plan]
Description: 131 pp. Bookmarks modified by UO. Includes maps. Adopted August 10, 2004; captured August 29, 2006.
URI: http://www.odf.state.or.us/areas/eastern/northeast/uccwppsections.htm
Date: 2004-08-10

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