Durham : Comprehensive parks plan

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Title: Durham : Comprehensive parks plan
Author: Durham (Or.)
Abstract: The following goals and objectives are a direct result of information obtained through the community survey combined with general conclusions to be drawn from area demographics and an understanding of the financial constraints of the City: A. The primary goal of the City of Durham shall be to enhance and maintain a well-kept, attractive and safe neighborhood recreational area for the residents of Durham; B. Continuing emphasis will be placed on protecting and preserving environmentally sensitive areas for the passive enjoyment of park visitors; C. Maintain and protect open space areas that provide habitat for fish and wildlife while encouraging public use for flora and fauna observation and interpretation; D. Continue the policy of requiring dedication of sensitive area property adjacent to Durham Park when parcels are subdivided for the purpose of gaining stewardship of those properties and allowing for the interconnection of trails throughout the park with the residential areas of the City; E. Promote those improvements that emphasize the passive nature of both Durham Park and the Tualatin greenspace; F. Work cooperatively with the neighboring cities of Tigard and Tualatin to provide Durham’s citizens with active recreational opportunities; G. Develop partnerships with other public agencies and the private sector to provide social and cultural recreational opportunities; H. Understand and plan for future needs and trends in recreation by monitoring changes in Durham demographics and desires, assessing the changes in recreation and leisure trends influencing participation, [and] seeking regional solutions to assist with meeting Durham’s recreation needs; Minimize the cost impact of park operations and capital improvements by seeking out grants and donations and relying on volunteer help. [From the Plan]
Description: 13 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Referenced maps and appendices not included. Published 2005. Captured October 31, 2006.
URI: http://www.durham-oregon.us/LinkClick.aspx?link=Comprehensive+Plan.pdf&tabid=1156&mid=1870
Date: 2005

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